The Skies of Autumn, but overcast?

Nature has gifted the landscape photographer with the season of Autumn; vibrant color's often complimented by mirrored reflections, fog, intricate & active clouds, late sunrises and early sunset's - And who doesn't like sleeping in occasionally.

There's also a certain tranquility this time of year. For me it speaks renewal. I evaluate my failures & accomplishments & build upon those experiences.

Fall brings about change. There are subtle nuances in the landscape as the tree's shed their leaves in preparation & survival of the coming winter. Also the boisterous & rollicking clouds give the photographer a scenic delight while the skies of Autumn enrich the landscape bringing renewal themselves.

Mackenzie Reservoir during blue hour

I keep discovering that overcast skies can have some of the most stunning scenes. You have to digest the possibilities keeping consideration of proper exposure to capture movement, bring out those subtle colors & tell its story. These clouds were moving quite fast & I seized the opportunity to tell their story.

I'll admit overcast skies can often be a bust, but by observing them closely & being prepared... chance happens and often rewards you with stunning visual imagery!

This shot had those elements but they didn't come together until blue hour. I had probably taken some 15 long exposures during sunset & none of them excited me. By this time it was getting quite dark & composition became difficult but time & again, I convince myself - wait just a little longer, there's something coming & behold it is good.

Don't doubt your chances next time you see a washed out overcast sky, work it, find the beauty and possibilities that nature is offering, you may just be surprised. One of my favorite quotes by Vincent van Gogh: If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere, even in somewhat drab overcast skies.

See it, Believe it, Shoot it.

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