Spaces, 3s & Variations on a Theme

1 space, 3 consecutive mornings, & 3 elements; A rock, An ocean, and A Tree. That's the gist of my Project all wrapped in a slideshow with descriptions below each image.

It's 4:00am, I'm keen on being at the shore. I'm aiming for a challenge to find truth & beauty in a space that doesn't offer subjects such as a lighthouse, a marina, or for that matter any popular man-made tourist attraction. While I absolutely love shooting these subjects and continue to do so, for this project I wanted to find something in a man-made public space, something natural, overlooked by passersby, yet very near to its beaten path. I choose the beautiful Bradley Point Park in West Haven, a 1.7 mile beachfront path honoring both, Korean and Vietnam War Veterans.

Bradley Point, West Haven, CT

Day 1: The walking path just after sunrise at Bradley Point Park, West Haven, CT

The goal: attempt to showcase an unheeded space's natural beauty for 3 consecutive mornings, using mostly 3 elements, similar compositions, and each with a different scenic feel, different weather and tide.

I wanted to capture these elements while keeping creativity in mind and adapting to what each morning may bring and how I might use that in my creative process. The results were quite stunning, especially the rock formations and different moods from each day. Observing nature in this fashion was indeed a learning and peaceful experience that I won't soon forget, reminding me of my favorite quote: If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere Vincent van Gogh, even beyond and below a developed walkway.

Read on to follow my journey while viewing a slideshow of images. Discover visual imagery with a sense of place and how each morning had something new to offer within that same space. See behind the scenes images to enhance the story, and of course the final images from all 3 days. There's also a 1-1/2 hour time-lapse (20 Seconds) from day 3 which can be found just below.

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iPhone Time-Lapse

Watch a 20 Second Time-Lapse recorded over the first 1-1/2 hours of sunrise on an iPhone 7.

Watch clouds whisking by and a rising tide.

Bradley Point Park, West Haven, CT

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