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Mark Houde Visual Imagery
Visual Story Telling

We often move through the pace of life with such haste & routine, that we may not realize how much gratification we depreciate ourselves of, but when we do notice, it's often through visual imagery; the photograph continues to hold a place in our world. 


These ephemeral moments, ever changing are but a glimpse into the awesome power of imagery; a slice of time captured evoking our emotions by story telling. When we pause and observe an inspiring image, we stimulate our souls. In a sense we are recharging our minds, calming our thoughts and finding peace.



New England outdoor & nature photographer Mark Houde


See it, believe it, shoot it.

Capturing the Beauty of New England


New England has much to offer when it comes to unique nature and natural beauty. From our beautiful shores & rivers to our vibrant autumn foliage and winter months. Not to mention our historic cities & towns. For inquiries, visit my Resources Page or Contact MeFor visiting photographers visit my CT Landscape page for locations, inspiration & ideas. 

Tranquil Sunrise at Lake Winnipesaukee
A Magnificent Morning at Lake Winnipesaukee, NH
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