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Mackenzie Reservoir, Wallingford, CT



Some time ago, I began posting local inspirational photographs on a weekly basis on Social Media Community Groups,  I named the project "Wednesday's in Wallingford" and shortly thereafter began additional projects of the same nature in other towns that I find myself drawn to for the natural essence.


The idea is to promote beauty and awareness in the places we live and work through visual imagery. The photo's being anything in or around town. The images are paired with inspirational quotes and each photograph posted has a positive or optimistic message to hopefully enlighten one's day. Perhaps our towns are made better as a result.  

I should add here that while I began these projects with local communities in mind, some of the inspiration came from a series by Dewitt Jones called "Celebrate what's right with the world" I enjoyed this series for many moons and believe that it had some inspiration in my projects here.


Painterly Series is a project I began that involves the art of post-processing images with software that creates an impressionistic-like painting; a digital painting of sorts. Images are carefully chosen to meet certain qualities that I deem favorable for such works as sketches and watercolors or oil-paintings. Sometimes I'll make a photograph with intent for my Painterly Series Project while other times an image may clearly express potential for such impressions. 

This has been an ongoing personal project - someday I'll pick-up a real brush but for now, this is my learning playground. For me the art of post-processing has always been an integral piece of completing my work. While I often believe in representing a scene as how I experienced it through my natural eye, I sometimes feel strongly about presenting a scene with how I emotionally felt from the experience and that requires an expression of artistic creativity which may come in the form of digital brush strokes.  

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