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Why You Should Visit Crater Lake & When Not To

If you've never been to Crater Lake National Park you may want to reconsider adding it to your list. Simply put, it's like no other place on earth. It's stunning beyond beauty & will leave you in wonder.

My friend Mark Camp & I spent two nights at the Mazama Campground Cabins inside the park and just 15 minutes from the Rim Village & Visitor Center located on the Southwest portion of the lake.

We visited at the end of June, but unfortunately, most of the park was closed due to snow. Did I mention it was almost July? They get upwards of 50 feet! We were limited to the West Rim with some hiking access to the East Rim (officially closed).


Episode 2 of "Exploring Oregon" can offer valuable insights and information for planning your trip. Or watch the video to experience two guys (more like two teens) getting up too early, retiring way too late, and fighting off Mosquitoes while oohing and awe-ing over nature's wonders.


In Episode 3, released this week, we finally make it to Oregon's Southern Coast and stay at Gold Beach to explore the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor. You won't want to miss this episode if you love sea stacks.


This is raw beauty at its finest, in particular, Natural Bridges, and Secret Beach, The latter I cover considerably within the constraints of a normally running 15-20 minute YouTube video, and Natural Bridges is highlighted in the following episode (Ep. 4) which drops on Thursday, December 7th.


If you haven't seen any episodes yet, here's a link to the playlist, including the 2 Minute Trailer with all the highlights. Enjoy!


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