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Thanks for watching my YouTube videos. These projects - especially the adventure travel videos take loads of time to create. If you're already a subscriber, you know that I'm a perfectionist when crafting stories, how-to content, and the occasional product review.


This is time that I don't easily get back, but after hearing back from so many of you, I feel blessed by how much value the videos have given my audience, and how each of you use my videos to learn from, plan your trips, and most importantly, inspiration to get out there, get moving, and live a better life in nature. 


If you find value & entertainment in my content, you can help support me quickly and easily by making an $11.00 donation or more. Less than an Uber drive.


To donate $22, $33, etc, simply use the quantity field box. People helping people, feeling the love!  

Help Support My Channel & Content!

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