The shot before the feast; an iPhone approach

iPhoneography; A fresh look at the possibilities.

I've been experimenting with iPhoneography over the past year but nothing too serious. Although after missing several opportunities while not having my DSLR, I've begun to rethink when to shoot seriously with a smartphone. And the reasoning comes down to this: convenience.

So just the other day while cooking, I began to slice a green pepper and couldn't help to notice the intricacies of this yummy vegetable. I stopped, let out an audible "hmm", and thought how fun it would be to shoot right now - purely spontaneous and in the moment. But,.. then I thought about how hungry I was which led to a dilemma; do I shoot or do I feast?

And there I was considering grabbing my tripod, flashes, camera, etc, setting everything up, and shooting the night away. Nope, not gonna happen - I'm too hungry and besides, I didn't buy this pepper for photography and it looks nothing like Edward Weston's Pepper No. 30 - not even close, but I do happen to have my phone in my pocket, again, an audible "hmm".

I turn-off the gas & within a few minutes I have the scene all set up; my cutting board under the Pendant lights of my Kitchen Island with my pepper and the few slices I've cut arranged for composition. I turn my iphone upside down to shoot low while carefully tapping the screen and steadying the phone. The sound of the fake shutter emits and I have my shot. I put my phone away, turn the gas back on and resume cooking while cutting up the remaining pepper.